under goes its 5th iteration

warren October 1, 2021 No Comments under goes its 5th iteration

The team at always took the site up as pet project to see where thier skillsets can take it, after the success and woes of the past 4 iterations of the project, we learnt how market has shifted to a more connected world, as well as the need for digital security in keeping your data safe as well as keeping scammers at bay, this has always been the main goal of the team when maintaining the project.

Those this mean it will be effecting the simplicity of use previously found on the site, the answer is no. this why we have shifted re-building onto a new platform. The engine used will keep our user experience easy to use, while offering a decent free listing plan, as well as affordable options that allow your listing to reach out further into the web.

The team has teamed up with WMIT ( War Max IT ) to utilise its global infrastructure to keep the site sailing smooth on the web. For those wondering will support be out-sourced like most sites to AI, at the moment no, we do use AI tools to keep spam out as much as we can, but we also have humans behind the scene monitoring the site and answering to support requests (this is why our answers may not be instant but we are working on getting a reasonable response time of 48hours)

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